TOChina Spring Seminars are held every year in the context of the graduate courses of International Relations of East Asia (prof. G. Andornino), International Political Economy and Political Economy of East Asia (prof. G. Gabusi), and Social Transformations in Contemporary China (prof. Jean-François Huchet).

The three courses are part of the Master’s degree in International Studies (CdLM in Scienze Internazionali, profilo China & Global Studies) at the University of Torino. Seminars are held in English at the “Luigi Einaudi” Campus, Lungo Dora Siena 100/a, and are open to interested members of the public. 
TOChina Spring Seminars 2020:
april 30, 2020
H. 16.30-19.00 | Webex platform online
Discussant: Prof. Giovanni B. Andornino
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